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Project MuszEd is a community based nonprofit organization providing youth in need with resources, life skills and opportunities in music education, performance and higher learning. Since its inception in 2004, Project MuszEd has made a measurable impact in the lives of hundreds of youth through its innovative and trendsetting approach to music education programming.

We provide free and low cost music education programming, workshops, clinics as well as exposure to exciting and culturally enriching field trips and performance opportunities. From concerts, galas & corporate events to recordings, tours & intimate gatherings, Project MuszEd’s advanced students have a reputation of excellence and are always in high demand for performances of all types.

Syd Organizes Celebrity Auction to Support LA-Based Nonprofits December 9th, 2017

The auction will benefit two local nonprofits: Project MuszEd, which provides youth with music education resources; and School On Wheels, which provides school tutoring for foster and homeless children. Syd’s Sidewalk Benefit Auction will take place from noon to 5 p.m. PT, Saturday Dec. 9 at The Underground Museum (3508 W. Washington Blvd.) in L.A. Those who are interested in attending can purchase a ticket online for $10. Tickets will also be sold at the door for $15. Read more about the event here ›

es Celebrity Auction to Support LA based Nonprofits

Project MuszEd has the Berklee PULSE

Did you know that Project MuszEd is an Associate Member of the Berklee City Music Network? This means we are able to provide innovative resources to support the learning experience of our students through the BCMN’s PULSE Method.

PULSE stands for Pre-University Learning System Experience that guides students from basic through advanced strands of Music Theory, Improvisation, Performance & more.
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Thank you to our Program Partners & Supporters

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